How to open a car trunk from the inside

Pull the release up all the way, at which point the trunk will unlatch. You can then open your trunk fully by lifting it open. Q: How do I open the trunk from inside the vehicle?

How do I open the trunk from inside the vehicle?

how to open a car trunk from the inside

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This article has been viewedtimes. Learn more Being trapped in a car's trunk can be a harrowing, sometimes deadly experience. Sometimes a criminal will force a person into a trunkand sometimes a person usually a child will accidentally get trapped in a trunk. Regardless of the cause of entrapment, a trunk is a very dangerous place to be.

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Unfortunately, it's not easy to get out of a locked trunk. While any vehicle made in the United States after has a trunk release lever, others do not. So what can you do to improve your chances of escape? Read on to find out. If the car you're trapped in is on the highway, how can you best get the attention of other drivers? Not quite! On the highway, it's unlikely that other drivers will hear your voice.

This is a better option if the car is parked in public. Try again Not exactly! The interior of the trunk might be padded, so the tool wouldn't make much noise. It's also unlikely that anyone will hear you if the car is moving quickly. Click on another answer to find the right one The best way to get another car's attention if you're on the highway is to kick or punch out the brake lights.

Stick your hand or foot out the hole and wave it around so a driver will see and alert the authorities. Read on for another quiz question. If possible, don't make your escape when the car is stopped.

Survival Skills: How to Escape From a Car Trunk

It's more likely that the driver will hear the trunk open. If the car is driving too fast, there won't be anywhere to go once you get the trunk open. You'll risk death if you try to jump out when the car is on the highway. It's best to jump out of the trunk when the car is moving slowly. You're less likely to hurt yourself but you won't call as much attention to yourself as you would if the car was stopped.

Not necessarily! If you're kidnapped in real life, there might not be an ideal moment to escape, so you'll have to improvise. But some environments are better for escaping than others, so choose the answer that would be the best case scenario.

True or false: It's possible to install a trunk release in your car, but it's an expensive project. Installing a trunk release is not expensive. Try another answerMost new cars have escape systems in place, like glow-in-the-dark handles that you can pull to release the latch from inside the trunk. But there are still many vehicles on the road today that lack a simple anti-kidnapping feature. If you find yourself in one of these trunks, know that there are still several ways out.

Pull the Trunk Release If you're not lucky enough to see that glowing T-handle trunk release, you still might be able to find the trunk release cable running from the driver's compartment. Try tugging it toward the front of the car, either bare-handed or with pliers you find in the trunk. This cable is usually along the floor on the driver's side in most makes and models of cars, though it could also be on the passenger side. Use Some Tools Feel around for a screwdriver or tire iron you can use to pry the trunk latch open.

If that isn't an option or doesn't work, use the tire jack and some kind of block to push on the center of the trunk near the latch, hopefully breaking it. Or you could pry up a corner of the trunk lid, then signal other drivers for help.

how to open a car trunk from the inside

Using a jack may be trickier than it sounds. Scissor jacks and bottle jacks aren't as tall as most trunks are deep. The jack will only help if you can extend its reach. Kick Your Way Out If the car is parked and empty, kick through the backseat and crawl out through the passenger compartment. If you can't manage that kind of escape, you might be able to kick out a tail light from inside the trunk.

Once the light is out, stick your hand out through the hole and wave to attract help. Got another way out? Menu Sign Up. Outdoor Life. Latest Survival. Trout Fishing Tips from the Brookie Whisperer. What Does It Mean for Hunters? Sponsored Content.Posted On November 29, by Hugo Reed. Trunk locks are similar to your regular car door locks, but a mere similarity does not mean they are the same. On a surface level, drivers should aspire to maintain and care for their car trunk locks in the same way they care and repair car door locks.

In truth, the next moves you can take are rather limited if you look at them broadly. For instance, you can decide to go ahead and tackle your trunk lock on your own, or you could defer to a professional auto locksmith to help you solve the problem. In order to make the most accurate decision, you have to do your best to inform yourself and understand the factors that come together to influence your course of action when you are locked out of your trunk.

The good thing is that you at least found it pertinent to try and find a solution that would help rectify your problem so you are on the right track. I completely understand how frustrating it can be to deal with anything that is even remotely related to a car lockoutand unfortunately not being able to open your trunk falls in this terrain. Most people do not pay their car trunks and trunk locks any mind until they suddenly realize that they can no longer open it.

Regardless of the reason behind the trunk lockout, the fact remains that you are unable to successfully access your trunk. Understanding this will drastically decrease the chances of something similar happening again. The first issue is very straightforward and it is one that most locksmiths deal with rather frequently. If you think you misread the subheading, I want to assure you that you did not. On occasion, some drivers make the mistake of locking their keys in their car trunk and this often renders them locked out of the entire vehicle.

I must admit, it has happened to me before. Many are quick to dismiss this because they think they will never lock themselves out of their trunk by locking the keys in the trunk. There are some relatively easy solutions that can be explored to resolve this problem, but not all of them are guaranteed to work.

I will explore these solutions a bit more below. In most cases, that means the lock is broken or that there is some inherent fault that does not allow it to operate the way it was intended. This could be because the trunk latch, trunk lock, or other internal mechanisms responsible for the smooth operation of the lock, have now gone awry.

For some vehicles, this could be the simple result of the lock being worn out, or it could be that the lock was damaged due to the application of external force. For many drivers, a broken trunk lock often goes hand in hand with a broken car key, or a car key extraction.

A car trunk lock can be damaged by applying excessive force to it, or it could be damaged simply because it has not been serviced in quite some time.Welcome to the Kia Soul subreddit! If you have a Soul of any year, or love the cars and are interested in one, you're in the right place!

Come with questions, leave satisfied, then come back! How do I open the trunk from the inside self. I didn't get a remote key with my Kia Soul when I bought it so I have to use the actual key to lock and unlock my doors.

No big deal, but when my doors are locked my trunk is locked so I have to walk to the front of my car to unlock the door before walking back to the trunk to open it. I looked everywhere and can't find a trunk button on the inside anywhere - does anyone know how to do it?

There has to be some way right? On my there is a little plastic door at the bottom center interior of the tailgate that you remove and a latch is inside. I'm not sure about the 2nd Gen souls. I'm talking about from the drivers seat : I think i was supposed to get another key - for remote open.

I only got a key with no buttons. That's unusual you didn't get a fob. The trunk button on the fob only enables the rear handle to work. It doesn't actually open it.

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KiaSoulClub submitted 3 years ago by monkeytoesIt's not a small problem. It's not a slight inconvenience. It's something you don't want to happen.

I say this because it recently happened to me, and I thought it would be a really easy problem to solve. Hours later, after calls to a lot of locksmiths and some major cab fares, I realized this is something most people don't even consider being prepared for. And then, one day, you're stuck in a parking lot, scratching your head and wondering how you're going to get out of it.

So, here's what you need to do if you happen to close the trunk with your keys still nestled safely inside it. The first thing you'll need to do is call a series of locksmiths who deal with this specific situation. A regular locksmith may be able to get into your car, but the trunk is a whole different animal. It is designed to be a safe; impossible for thieves to get into, and therefore, you as you try to break into your own car.

Here's what you need to know.

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Consider that it could take one to two hours for a technician to reach you. They may be unable to help once they arrive. In the time that has taken, and the money spent, you could have gotten the spare keys.

Some things you need to consider:. This will not be a quick process, and you will need to have the VIN of your vehicle and proof of ownership.

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If you bought your car from a licensed dealership, they should be able to help you. They may well be able to do it in a matter of days, but this can also take a week or two. In the meantime, you'll need to have the car towed to your location, and this will also cost money. You could try leaving it where it is, but it could get towed anyway, or broken into.

Although probably not the trunk. This is not easy for a novice, and every car is different. However, if you have some skill, and a battery source you can always figure out a way to use the car batteryyou can find ways online to access the fuse box and create a short that will pop the trunk. There are several videos online, but they are definitely not something you want to follow if you have little or no automotive experience.

The locksmith who tried to help me told me of an incident similar to mine several months ago. The driver couldn't get into the trunk, he had no spare, and he was in a desperate hurry to get home. So, he told the locksmith to use his tools to break into the trunk through the back seats.

After an hour or so, and a lot of damage, they got into the trunk and the customer said he would simply order a new back seat when he got home. That's an expensive solve, but if it's one you deem necessary, you could consider it. One of the simplest ways to avoid this ever happening to you is to make sure your keys are always in your pocket or another safe place before ever opening the trunk. In my case, I had placed a bag inside and had to do a little reorganization.

I had my keys in my hand, and put them down to move things about. Then, I closed the trunk. Bad move. Of course, accidents happen, so consider a back-up plan. You may want to have a spare key placed inside the car, hidden from view. This will be easily accessible once a locksmith has got you into the car, and you can turn off the alarm and open the trunk again.

Another option is to have a spare key hidden inside a magnetic strongbox somewhere under the car.Sometimes, people have been forced to take extreme measures to retrieve keys that have been locked inside of a vehicle, some even going so far as to smash one of their own windows. Tempered glass is treated to shatter into thousands of pieces when it breaks so that there are no large shards of glass flying in an accident.

You can avoid the hassle and cost of breaking open a window and cleaning up the glass shards if you know the right way to break into your own car.

Calling a professional locksmith is usually an option, but there could be a long wait or professional locksmiths may not be available nearby. Damaging the doors or the locks themselves turns an inconvenience into a serious problem.

Using a tool like a wedge professionals use a powerful airbagit is possible to open the top of the door wide enough to get a metal rod around the locking pin and pull the pin up, thereby unlocking the door. It is important to use a technique that addresses the specific type of lock the vehicle has.

how to open a car trunk from the inside

There are two main types of locks:. Step 1: Use a wedge or tool to hold open the door space. Step 2: Slide the tool into the door gap. Wedge the tool into the space between the body of the vehicle and the top of the door on the side opposite the hinge this corner can be pulled out the most. Pull the space open with your fingers to make more space for the tool to fit into. Step 3: Keep inserting the tool until it is visible.

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Carefully work the tool down and into the space until it is visible through the window. Step 4: Make a hook. Now you can fashion a tool or hook to grab the locking pin. A clothes hanger works well, but you can use whatever is handy. Step 5: Open the lock using the hook.

How to Open a Trunk Without Keys

Use the wedge to open up a space large enough to fit the tool into the car. Grab onto the locking pin with the tool and pull up on it until the door unlocks. With automatic locksthe amount of difficulty involved in unlocking them from the outside is decided by two things:. If the button or switch is somewhat accessible, then you can break into the car with relative ease. Step 1: Identify how the locks are activated. Automatic locks may be activated in a number of ways. Step 2: Make a hook or loop tool to press the button.

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